Selfish Ambition... and a "C-D" :o)

I am a nut about personality tests!! Every time I come across one that I haven't taken before, I have to see what new thing I can find out about myself! :)

At Center Grove, we have a class called "PLACE". When you take it, you'll find out quite a bit about yourself, including personality type, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, etc... everyone should take it.

My personality type is a "C"... analytical, conscientious... but I have almost as much "D" in me... drive. Basically, I am a competitive perfectionist. Does anyone else find it ironic that I am a "C-D"? :) Anyway, the combination of these 2 personality types can be good, as long as they are controlled by the Spirit. However, if they are controlled by the flesh, they can be a very dangerous thing.

As I have seen the "D" in me come out strongly over the past couple of weeks, I have sensed it controlling me more and more. The competitive drive leads me to go after something that I want... and sometimes, it comes out as wanting my way no matter what it takes.

We all have desires, and as we learned last night from Dr. Corts, we all have a "glove" that fits us perfectly. When you want something in life (maybe your "glove"), there comes a point when you have done all you can do to try to "make" it happen, and you have to just LET IT GO and let God work. If HE wants it for you, He'll make it happen! BE STILL!

This morning, I cried out to God to break me of this "selfish ambition" that I have been allowing to control me. It's not about me, it's about Him, and if something is not glorifying Him... it should not have a place in my life. My best friend asked me not long ago, "if it's not God's will, do you really want it anyway?" Hmmm...NO! I just have to remind myself of that sometimes...

What is controlling you? Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to control your "personality type"? Or are you letting selfish ambition creep in and guide your thoughts, words, and actions? I want to challenge all of us to really dig deep and check our motives BEFORE moving...

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. -
Philippians 2:3

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