From the Inside Out

I'm guest posting again... Today at my friend Karen's blog: The Couch. Today I'm opening myself up and letting God use my testimony as He will.
Purity and personal holiness begin on the inside. Who we become ultimately begins with what we allow ourselves to think and “feel.” My passion for talking about purity stems from years of mistakes and struggles within my own life. You see, about eleven years ago, I almost destroyed my marriage. Almost. I did everything I could to destroy it… but God had other plans…  Click here to continue reading at The Couch.

I hope you will join me... then come back and leave a comment. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

6 Responses to "From the Inside Out"

  • Sheri L. Swift Says:

    Very honest & open.  God bless you as you share your testimony.  : )

  • PaulaEbert Says:

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! :)

  • Tracy Says:

    Hi Paula.  I think you are very brave and I think its awesome that you write about such painful stuff as this will help someone out there on either side of this senario.  May God richly bless you and your husband and may your marriage be like the one in song of Solomon.
    God bless

  • PaulaEbert Says:

    Tracy, thank you so much for your encouragement. This was truly one of the most difficult things I have ever put down on paper. It's tough to really open yourself up like this. But it was time to do it. My prayer is that it will minister to those who may be struggling now... or who are struggling with the consequences on the other side. I believe this is the area God wants me to write about the most. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day! God bless you!

  • KAREN COOK Says:

    Thank you Paula for your vulnerability & transparency. I know God will use and honor your willingness to be real and genuine in the way you live out your faith and pursue holiness. Grace & Peace to you.

  • PaulaEbert Says:

    Thanks, Karen. It really pushed me to JUMP out of my comfort zone. I appreciate the opportunity to share space with you on your blog... and so looking forward to meeting you in July! :) I only wish there was more free time.. so we could maybe play guitar and golf together. :)

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