More Than Everyday Ruts

Most Fridays, I participate in Lisa-Jo's 5-Minute Friday. She encourages us to just write without worrying if it's just right. Today, her prompt was "Every Day..." Here is my take on it...


Every day, I try to just make it through. With 3 little ones (one with health issues), it can be tough to take care of everyone’s needs throughout the day. At the moment, my 2 oldest ones are fighting in the kitchen. It is just difficult to get through this post.

Every day, instead of thinking about all of the things that are happening while I’m just trying to keep my sanity, I should be resting in God’s grace. His hand is the only thing that can guide me through the day anyway.

Every day, I think about the reasons for why we are even here on this earth. It seems that we just get stuck in the same routines and ruts. Isn’t there more to this?

God wants us to have more than just the everyday ruts that we fall into. He wants us to accept His invitation to a better “everyday.” A better time with Him. A better time with our husbands. A better time with our families. A better time in this world that He has created for us.

The only way that our “everyday” can be more than just existing is to trust Him and allow Him to guide our steps. And to check in with Him throughout the day… not just out of routine, but out of pure, unconditional love for our Creator.


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  • Belva@mugups Says:

    Kids are a challenge that's for sure! I know that god will see you through this time in your life and you will keep your sanity! God bless you!

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