5-Minute Friday: Backwards

As I do most Fridays, today I'm linking up over at Lisa-Jo's blog to do her 5-minute Friday. We are challenged to write for 5 minutes just for the pure joy of the written word... without going back to edit to perfection. Today's prompt it.... "Backwards."


One step forward. Two steps back. You've heard it before.

Sometimes I feel that this is just the way my life is always going to go. I know that we all experience times when we seem to be falling backward even though we have just spent time trying to make sure we keep going forward.

We set goals. We push forward. We trust... then for some reason, we seem to fall down again.

My life has felt like that for the past several years. I feel much like the children of the wilderness as they continued to wander around and never progress to where God is calling them to. "We're going to see a promised land?" But this. But that.

I'm tired of wandering, feeling as though my steps are moving in the wrong direction. God does not want me to continue on a backward path. His desire is for me to look to Him. To have tunnel vision and move forward toward His promises. To stop looking away... to stop being Peter and looking down at the waves that scare me to death. Instead to reverse my direction. To get out of backwards mode and focus only on forward motion.

How is your motion at this moment? Are you forward-focused? Or are your steps headed backward? It's a good thought to ponder on this beautiful (but very hot) Friday afternoon! If you trusted God enough to focus ONLY on Him, where could He take you? If you keep looking/moving backward, you'll never know. Just a little challenge.


Okay, that was a good one to think on! Want to jump in and join us?

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