Taking In All The Moments

Wow, there are some good waves today.

At first, I was frustrated about staying in the condo because little man needed a nap. But as I sit here on the balcony watching my family play in the ocean, I have nothing to complain about. Typing away and relaxing with my coffee beside me. Finally some me time.

We have such a special family. See all those people in the picture? That’s them. Right now, the adults are standing around talking at the water’s edge while the kiddos are playing in the shallow surf. Jeffrey is testing a boogie board made for little people, while Katherine is carrying a bucket that is almost as big as she is. Yesterday, we watched baby Josh feel the waves hit his toes for the first time.

I. Am. Blessed.

I’m trying to take in every breath. To enjoy every moment I’m given while we are here this week. Vacation goes so fast. Just like life.

What moments have you been missing out on lately? Stop today and just try to take in every moment. They go away too quickly.

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  • Marni Arnold Says:

    I know these moments you are talking about, Paula. They are great moments...and I am seeking more often than not anymore to find opportunities to transform into moments like these so I don't miss out on the grand life He desires for me and my family now. It takes a whole mess of intentionality, slowing oneself down long enough (amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life) to savor a moment instead of getting frazzled and disappointed. My anxiety levels lately have been plummeting...and I have to pray on the armor of God daily to keep me in check with where He is hiding my heart. Please pray for me that I keep up this discipline...this is not easy coming from my natural background; but my heart yearns for this daily. I pray for myself I don't lose this hunger...and that I chase Him down daily before I even hit the carpet running. :)

    I hope you savored every moment on vacation my friend...and the sound of the waves ravaged your spirit in such a beautifully cleansing way that it prepared you for the next season He has you stepping into.

  • Essential Mama Baby Says:

    What a beautiful picture. It is nice to watch our family from the distance sometimes. It makes us realize how lucky we are to have them and how happy we are together!

    Stopping by from Thankful Thursday!

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    Yes, I enjoyed the beach in so many ways this year. Some of my favorite moments were spent on the balcony... just watching my family enjoy each other.

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    It was awesome, Marni! A MUCH needed vacation! I took in every moment that I could.. but still didn't want to leave. :) God spoke to me in several different ways throughout the week. I'm thankful.

  • Kim Bee Says:

    I am so happy you had such a lovely and meaningful day. Family is all that matters when you get right to the heart of it. Have a great rest of your week.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Awesome.. I know it's been a while since, but I'm really enjoying reading this post and thinking back to beautiful, sunny days with my own family. God is so good!!

    Well, I'm passing this Sunshine Award to you because I thought you deserved it. I really enjoy your blog :)


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