Tune-In Tuesday: Strong Enough

Welcome to Tune-In Tuesday! If this is your first time visiting on a Tuesday, I hope you will find this as a place to worship together. Here is an explanation of what we do:

Each week, I share about a song that God is using in my life. One that is speaking to me in whatever season I may be going through. The invitation is for you to jump in and do it, too! Here are the steps:

1.      Pick a song that is especially meaningful for you at this time in your life and write about it. Really think about the lyrics… and let them change you.
2.      Link up here using the linky tool at the bottom of this post. Use the name of your song as the title of your link. (If you haven’t done this before, feel free to email me with questions.) If you don't have a blog, you can leave a comment sharing your song.
3.      Visit other people’s blogs and worship with them.
4.      Spread the word. Grab the button in the left column and add it to your post. That way, others can link up, as well. Tweet about it… Try to get others in on the conversation.
5.      And the main thing… worship! :) 


My song this week is Strong Enough by Matthew West. Play the video and listen while you read below.

This song has spoken to me quite a bit lately. At times, life seems overwhelming. Motherhood is a challenge. Life change is a challenge. Depression is a challenge. Strongholds are challenges. I can easily get wrapped up in my own little pity party… and I have for a while.

But I’m seeing light now. In which God is giving me a perspective change… really it’s more like a knock down so that the only way I can look is up. And out...

...to others who have it a lot tougher than I do  ...to others who I just need to love.

God is forcing me to notice once and for all that life on this planet is not about me. And with Him as my strength, I am strong enough to overcome anything that is in my path.

I know I’m not strong enough to be everything that I’m supposed to be; I give up…

WITHOUT God, I am weak. Defeated. But WITH Him, I am strong enough.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength… 

I. Am. Blessed.

8 Responses to "Tune-In Tuesday: Strong Enough"

  • Shanda Says:

    so true. Our strength come from Him alone. Don't know what I would do without Christ in my life.

  • Anonymous Says:

    http://youtu.be/UbSMfL5LuSo I have been having a pity party for while now also, but this song and especially what you wrote really spoke to me...another song that was speaking to me when I saw your post for the first time in Christian Women Online...is

    the one i put above...I know that You Are For ME....I just hate this world, but the Lord loves it and He put me here for a reason, one is to be a mom and a grandmom...i always wanted and still do want to be a writer but have almost given up...i need help in that area...don't know even how to begin except for just writing down my thoughts and stuff as it comes to me

  • Nekky Says:

    Thank for for this, it's really inspiring. I found you from voiceBoks and I'm now following you.

  • Liane Says:

    What a fun (and edifying) idea, Paula! I decided to join in and had a precious time with the Lord really having to think about what I was writing. I've linked my contribution :) Have a blessed day!

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    Thanks so much! :) And I'm SO glad you joined in. Your post touched me more than you know.

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    Thanks, Nekky! Glad you stopped by. :)

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    Thank you for sharing this song! I love Kari Jobe... and this song. :) Please don't give up on writing.... just keep writing, even if it's only for you and for God. He will show you when it's time to do anything else. But as writers, we must keep going! Just prayed for you.

  • Paula Ebert Says:

    Amen! Me neither. :)

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